Ghosts Of War

Rising From The Ashes
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  • First listen over and I'm very impressed! There are a couple of instant classics on there right away, especially 'Ride The Mariah' and 'Alamein'. The production is fantastic, the songs are great, the band sound superb, the vocals are spot on, especially the harmonies, all in all it's a cracking melodic metal album. I guess I'm redoing my playlist for this week's show! Even the cover and packaging are great, excellent booklet too. You guys have much to be proud of with this one! Campbell Stewart 'Fatmans Rock Show.
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  • Another great review from the FFM-ROCK website: For 34 years has it been quiet with Weapon UK, whose debut single "It's a Mad,Mad World" appeared in 1980. So far the band, after a demo in 1981, a contribution to the compilation "Set the Stage alight"published in 2003 and a further single released in 2011 hasn't quite got the long overdue debut (album) together. This has now happened!
    "Rising from the Ashes" is the title of this twelve-tracker, whose opening track, "Ride the Mariah" catchily enters the ear. WEAPON UK with their unorthodox mix remind sometimes of Saracen or Praying Mantis but despite such, at times loose comparisons, have enough Independence to retain their individual character. Refreshing Rock-fodder of a melodic flavour is plentiful on the recently released debut Album. This UK based four piece does the business with crackers like "Burning Skies", fat, stomping grooves like "Wonderland" or the dynamically charged "Celebration Time" which is full of drive. Even the thought provoking, balladesque, turning emotional "Alamein" is not, in the slightest, kitschy or pretentious. The band has invested for too much of their lifeblood for that. Tracks like "Fountain of Paradise" convince with powerful riffs, cool grooves, virtuous solos and a very natural, not over-produced drum sound.
    It is through screamer Danny Hynes' flexible voice and the gripping lead efforts of Jeff Summers that the material of "Rising From The Ashes" gets its appeal. A solid foundation is provided by the dependable rhythm section of Ian Sweeting behind drums and cymbals and PJ Philipps on four strings. The pleasure with which the whole band delivers its debut is obvious.
    This is classic melodic hard rock, and in spite of the surprising modern clear-sound production throughout retains a good measure of punch. Committed shred-lovers amongst the NWOBHM fans will find this album less attractive. Those who can rise above this however will realise that Weapon UK, in places, even has a slight American touch and are quite capable of writing great songs that, maintained in the classical style, fulfil the criteria of the perceived self-judgement. An album one should listen to before blindly buying. 7 out of 10.
    Weapon UK would like to thank Thomas Liedtke for English translation.