Andreas Westerlund
Andreas was born and raised in the southern part of Stockholm. He grew up in a home surrounded by music with parents playing guitar and piano and an older sister who is a very talented singer. Even the grandparents sang in the church choir and played jazz piano. His parents were kind enough to give him a snare drum and a hi-hat for Christmas at the age of six or seven. Being a kid collecting sticks and beating on trees in the woods it became natural, and a bit more creative, to collect drum sticks and beat on drums instead! At the age of nine while watching a Swedish TV show called Sikta Mot Stjärnorna (Aming For The Stars) he saw a guy trying to imitate a bass playing demon with black and white make up and a long toungue. As a big fan of comic books, super heroes and a new found fascination for rock music this was mindblowing and an eye opener. He became a Kiss fan! At the age of eleven he started his first band alongside with three friends. They took their favourite band and spelled the name backwards. SSIK (later Sick) was formed. As he got older he discovered new music and got interested in heavier stuff such as death and thrash metal. A bunch of local bands came and went. Through the years he has played in many different bands with varying styles of music. From 60’s pop to gothic, heavy rock, burlesque cabaret, jazz for kids, 80’s glam rock, old school death metal and so on.
Through a mutual friend, Robert Majd, Andreas got to play a few club gigs together with Danny Hynes in a covers band. That led to him being asked to play a couple of gigs with Weapon UK on the Swedish section of their 2019 ‘Ghosts Of War’ European Tour. Being a fan of this kind of music, and the Weapon in particular, it is with pride and excitment he will now be a part of the band and looks forward to beginning work on the next Weapon album and touring.. “Andreas did a magnificent job on the two Swedish dates, considering he had one rehearsal and that was without a guitarist! So when Darren stepped down, to concentrate on session work and other projects, Andreas was our first choice as his replacement. Thankfully he accepted our offer to join the band ”